Best No More Rack Online Deals Available in 2014

Since I`ve launched my site, I`ve wanted to write a post about one of my favorite online shopping brands – No More Rack. This brand has some amazing deals displayed on its site and despite what other customers may tell you that they are too good to be true, I can confirm that NMR`s deals are as real as they can get.

About No More Rack

No More Rack is one of the most popular online flash deals sites available today. Their large number of categories that display so many amazing products and trendy items has appealed to the interested of online shopaholics immediately. The brand has to offer unbeatable promotional deals on incredible products each day, and the best of it – their prices are super low. And not only that, but the main goal of this company it`s to keep the prices low at all times, not only offer on summer season or near important holidays.

Great Deals on Different Categories

One of the coolest things on this brand is that it doesn`t offer a great deal or deals on a single category only like so many brands out there do. No More Rack`s offering a large array of categories, such as Electronics, Lifestyle, Jewelry, Kids, Women, Men or Trending Now. And each and every of this category includes products at discounts between %50 and 80%, sometimes going even over the 90% limit. Some of the greatest Nomorerack deals are on jewelry, most of them being offered at discounts of 88% – 90% off.

Best No More Rack Deals in 2014

    NoMoreRack has great offers on any category. Just check out some of the best ones below:

  • Kids - 3-Pack: Disney’s Frozen Kids’ Charm Bracelets – SAVE 52%
  • Jewelry - 0.4 Carat Total Weight Genuine Aquamarine Key Pendant in Sterling Silver – SAVE 88%
  • Electronics - iPanda Shatter-Proof Protector for iPhone® 4/4s – SAVE 73%
  • Lifestyle - Women’s Boho-Chic Vintage-Inspired Handmade Watch – Assorted Styles – SAVE 86%
  • Jewelry - 10-Karat Yellow Gold Mother & Child Pendant with 18″ Chain – SAVE 85%
  • Shoes - DAWGS Women’s 13″ Microfiber Boots – SAVE 71%
  • Accessories - RFID-Blocking Water-Resistant Credit Card Wallet – Assorted Colors – SAVE 50%

As you can imagine, this are just a small fraction of the great deals you can find on the Nomorerack`s site. If you are to visit it and look for your own, I guarantee it – you`ll “get lost.”

What About No More Rack Scam Deals?

Well, a while back at some point, there were a number of increased complaints related to product/service problems and delivery issues. It`s true that at that particular time, NMR was a bit overwhelmed of the complaints received from its customers. But the company managed to resolve over 80% of those complaints which is more than many other brands bothered to do. And what is more important – the complaints had nothing to do with the promotional deals No More Rack has released.

So, as you can imagine, this wasn`t an issue related to scams. All companies have their ups and downs, so for NMR was simply a stage which the brand managed to overcome it.

How to Find & Use Cheaper Than Dirt Promotional Codes For Gun Products

If you are one of those people who are turning to the internet whenever they want to purchase a firearm or ammunition, you should first look for a Cheaper Than Dirt online code. Almost 95% of the time you`re going to get your hands on one which will offer you at least free shipping or a 10% off from your total firearm order. By doing this particular search when you make your shopping on the internet could save you a lot of money on the long run. That can very well be the price of a small pool or a weekend vacation. Not using CTD promotional codes when buying a gun or ammunition online can mean you are really throwing money out the window.

How to Find Codes from Cheaper Than Dirt

  • CheaperThanDirtPromoCode – Cheaper Than Dirt discount codes can be found all over the online environment, but a lot of them may not work or can even be expired. What you have to do is find an online resource that can help you stay informed. If you make a quick search engine query for CTD coupon codes, you`ll get a list of hundreds of sites. Avoid looking for other websites than the first two or three. These sites are usually the most important ones – Google place these first for exactly this reason. Such a site is CheaperThanDirtPromoCode; users here can find information on promotional deals released by CheaperThanDirt. The blog is generally updated on a weekly basis.
  • RetailMeNot – Another reliable site when it comes to this type of online codes is RetailMeNot. As soon as you are able to log onto this website, you are able in fact to browse alphabetically, by category or merchant name. Normally it is a lot better to just use the site`s internal search function. If you have your very favorite place to shop, but you don`t have a Cheaper Than Dirt coupon code, you`ll get more results if you use this particular function.

    After searching through the various results, you`ll soon be able to find at least one code that should fit your needs. Get your code by making a click on the blue text and copy/paste it or note down on a notepad file.

  • GoodSearch – Another good online spot where to find promotional codes from CheaperThanDirt is GoodSearch. As the information on its homepage says, the site is proud to be able to offer coupon deals from 100,000+ brands, and so you can imagine CTD will not be forgetten.

5 Steps to Help You Use CheaperThanDirt Online Codes

Deciding on the Product - Make a decision regarding the gun product you want to purchase. This is one of the most essential steps in the whole process. Try to avoid deciding first where you want to start your shopping, but rather decide on the firearms you want to purchase. This is mainly because certain items may be for sale at specific distinct gun stores and you are able to narrow your own search to the firearm shop which uses your Cheaper Than Dirt codes.

Finding the Best Gun Shop – Now find a few gun shops near your local area that may sell the guns you are searching for. Some of them may deal with such products, while some of them may not. At this point, you need to have patience and go to each and every store. Have patience – you`ll find what you are looking for, no doubts about it.

Patience in your Coupon Code Search – Search for CTD online codes for every gun you want to buy. You just need to type in your favorite search engine the name of your desired firearm along with the “online code” or “discount code” terms.

Select the results that you think will best suit you. Additionally, you may find online coupon codes that offer free shipping, and they are just as good as those providing discounts on specific gun items.

Completing the Order - If you decide to go along with your purchase online and not use your Cheaper Than Dirt online code at one of your local shops, simply enter your coupon code in the proper box during the checkout process. At the final stage of your checkout, you`ll be able to notice this small box because it`s clearly marked. You`ll be able to see the new total price of your gun as soon as you clicked on the “Submit” tab.

Note: Most codes released by CTD are good to use for online purchases only and not so often for your local area gun store.

Pregnancy Tips: Dealing With Frequent Urination!

Among the most embarrassing side effects if not the most related to pregnancy is the often urge to go to the women restroom. I`m usually doing this more often in the middle of the night and I have even dreamed about looking for a restroom desperately when I was in a crowded public place.

What is it about pregnancy that causes this side effect? Well, according to the Baby Center website, “the amount of blood in your body increases dramatically when you get pregnant, which leads to a lot of extra fluid getting processed through your kidneys and ending up in your bladder.” Later on in pregnancy, the growing uterus will put pressure on the bladder that will cause even more frequent urges.

Here are some helpful tips to alleviate this problem:

  • Avoid drinks that act as diuretic such as coffee and tea. (Alcohol can also act as a diuretic but you shouldn’t be drinking that now for more important reasons.)
  • I find that limiting how much I drink later at night will help eliminate nightly trips to the restroom. Just make sure you are getting plenty to drink during the rest of the day.
  • Make every trip count and be sure to completely empty your bladder. Leaning forward slightly will help.
  • Doing Kegel exercises can help strengthen your pelvic muscles that will give you better continence; however, don’t ignore the urge to go for too long as a distended bladder can cause even more problems.
  • Keep a positive attitude. One mom claims that the nightly trips to the bathroom is God’s way of preparing a mom for the sleep interruptions that the new baby is sure to bring.

How to Enter to Win $250 Cloth Diaper Start Up Set


Mother of a Sale is having a sweet giveaway contest right now on their facebook page. They are giving away a $250 Cloth Diaper Start Up Set to one of their Facebook fans. Here’s how to enter:

  • *Share the facebook event on your wall to all your friends
  • *Blog about Mother Of A Diaper Sales event starting Septemter 08th
  • *Post on Mother of a Sale’s FB page: “MOAS I want to win the $250 cloth diaper set.

That’s it! Three easy steps and you’ve entered to win a sweet prize. Good luck!

How to Make a Button for your Blog

Yesterday, I was in a creative mood, so I made a button for my sister-in-law’s cooking blog. (I also helped spruce the design up a bit). As I was making it, I thought it would be a great thing to share with my readers as many of you are bloggers yourself.

To start, you need to create a design that you like. Often times, your header will be a great source for inspiration. Several programs will work to make your design. I’ve even used Microsoft Paint to make a design (though I don’t recommend it). If you don’t have an expensive photo program, I suggest using Microsoft Publisher. Just open any size blank page and think of it as though you are putting together a scrapbook. Here is the design that I came up with for my sister’s button:

One Cookin Mama Button

As you can see, a simple design that is not too busy works best. I actually should have made the words a little larger so that they would be easier to read. Ah well.

When making the design, don’t worry about the size. When you use the template below, it will resize the picture you use to the correct dimensions. All you have to worry about is making the button square (or circles work too.)

When your design is all set, save it as a picture to your Desktop (this is just the easiest to find). Then use a photo sharing program (Flickr, Photobucket, etc.) to upload your picture. You’re almost done.

Now, using the direct URL for your picture and your blog‘s info, replace the red words below with the correct information:

<center><a href="YOUR WEBSITE URL
"><img height="125px" width="125px" alt="YOUR WEBSITE NAME" src="YOUR PICTURE URL" border="0" /></a></div>

There you have it… your blog’s button. Now if you want to have your button’s code in your sidebar so that others can grab the code and put it on their site, use this template:

Hope this helps!


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